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Modifying an Order

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Learn how to make changes to an existing order, from editing customer information, setting discounts or how to cancel them.



Customers may want to make changes to orders after they have been placed, whether to change sizes, colors, quantity or even their shipping information.

Modifying orders is easy with Jazva. From a single interface, you can add, remove and modify items for most of your channels except Amazon and Jet.

Jazva will promptly recalculate the order and the freight charge if applicable. You will be able to collect additional payment, refund over-payment, and write off or adjust any difference in the financials compared to what was paid.


The order summary page is divided into multiple sections, including:

  • Invoices - download invoices or ship the order.
  • Line Items - modify or add line items.
  • Notes - add internal comments or send an email from the order.
  • Order Info - order details at a glance.
  • Totals - order totals and ability to add manual payment.
  • Customer Info - shipping and billing information.

The order summary page also has an actions button on the top right corner of the page. These shortcut links include:


  • Cancel - cancel an order immediately.
  • Cancel by - schedule a future cancellation.
  • Coupons/Discounts - apply coupons or discounts.
  • Defer - defer an order and classify it as a backorder.
  • Financials - takes you to the order’s financials page.
  • Edit Customer Info - update the customer’s information.
  • Proforma Invoice - lets you send or download a PDF of the Proforma Invoice.
  • Release Inventory - releases the inventory allocated for the order.
  • Repeat Order - This will create a duplicate of this order with a different order ID. A useful function for repeat orders.
  • Terms - Payment Terms can be adjusted in case you modify agreements with the customer.  Select options such as Net 30, Net 15, Net 60, Net 90, etc.
  • Wishlist - marks items off the registry. Only applies to your Jazva-built web store.

Adding Line Items

Please note that Amazon and Jet do not allow you to add or modify order line items.

  1. Open an existing order.
  2. From the Line Items section, click Add Line Item.
  3. Add items by searching for them in the search box, using their Description or SKU number.
  4. Enter the quantities ordered and click Add Items.
  5. Modify prices, quantities, and discounts as needed. You can also click the pencil icon to include Add-ons.
  6. Click Update to save the changes.
  7. Click Finalize to complete your changes and return to the order.

Modifying Line Items

Please note that Amazon and Jet do not allow you to modify order line items.

  1. Open an existing order.
  2. From the Line Items section, click Modify Line Items.
  3. Modify prices, quantities, and discounts as needed.
    • To remove a product, enter a New Quantity of “0”.
    • Select Gift Options to add a gift note or gift wrap.
    • Select Drop ship to choose a dropship vendor for this item.
    • Select Add-on to include an add-on.
    • Select Ship to to edit the shipping address for this specific line item or set a pickup location (if applicable).
  4. From the bottom of the page, select a Reason for modifying the order.
  5. Click Update to save your changes.

Modifying Customer Information

  1. Open an existing order.
  2. From the Customer Info section, click Edit.

  3. Edit the following sections as needed:
    • Shipping Information - edit the shipping address for the whole order.
    • Backorder Shipping Options (appears only if the order is a backorder)
    • Gift Options - add a gift note or gift wrap.
    • Billing Information -  edit the billing address.
    • PO Info - optional. Add a PO number for this order.
  4. Click Update to save.

Applying Discounts and Credits

If a customer requires a discount or wishes to redeem coupons they’ve earned, you can apply them easily on their orders.

  1. Open an existing order.
  2. Select the actions button and click Coupons/Discounts.

  3. You will be able to apply discounts and credits under Discounts, Coupons, Certificates, Rewards:
    • Additional Manual Discount – a set monetary value or percentage taken off from the order total.
    • Manual Store Credit – a store credit that will be saved under the customer’s account.
    • Apply Coupon/Certificate – applies the discount set from a coupon.
  4. You may also enter discounts individually per line item under the Gift Certificates section.
  5. Click Update to recalculate the order totals.
  6. Submit to save all changes.

Deferring an Order

  1. Open an existing order.
  2. Select the actions button and click Defer.
  3. In the dialog box, set the period of time you want the order to be deferred by entering a Date or Number of Days.
  4. Mark the Release Inventory option to release the allocated inventory if needed.
  5. Click Submit and the order will be deferred.

Deferred orders will be classified as backorders.

Tagging Orders to a Wish List

Orders can be tagged to an existing wish list or gift registry on your web store. Once tagged, it marks the items as "purchased" on the registry, effectively removing them from the available items in the registry.

This is useful if a customer forgets to purchase an item through the registry and wants the item removed from the list. You as an operator can mark those products from the order.

  1. Open an existing order.
  2. Select the actions button and click Wishlist.
  3. Enter an existing wish list in the Apply Wish List field.
  4. Click Submit to complete.

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