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Order Statuses

Jazva Support Team -

There are several order statuses in Jazva, representing various stages of the order lifecycle or to indicate special circumstances that the order is experiencing.

Pending – an order ready to be processed as needed, whether that be picked, packed & shipped and payment to be charged.

Backorder – an order with an item(s) that is out-of-stock. Once stocks come in, the system will allocate them to the order automatically during the nightly update or can also be performed manually. Deferred orders will also appear with a backorder status.

Processing – the order is being worked on and prepared for shipping, triggered when the invoice is printed.

Shipping – the order is ready to be shipped, once picking and all other necessary values such as weights & dimensions are already keyed in.

Shipped – represents orders that have already been shipped.

Processed – an order with shipments that are picked and packed already but not yet shipped.

Waiting – an order that is not ready to be processed as it has not met certain conditions, such as having a payment balance due.

Hold – an order that has a status of “pending” on Amazon FBA. This is only applicable to Amazon FBA orders.

Cancelled– an order that has been cancelled.

Preauthrejected – an order wherein the payment did not go through successfully, common for declined credit cards.

On-Hold – an order that has been placed on-hold for various reasons set by the user, can be “released” as needed by the user.

Incomplete – an order that was placed from an external channel with an item(s) that could not be found in Jazva. To continue processing this order, you must link the unknown product to an existing Jazva item or create a new one.

Ready – an order that was not completed due to special circumstances such as shopping cart abandonment or if the credit card used does not have sufficient credits to preauthorize during that time. Ready orders can still be continued and processed manually. For basic orders, credit card payments are preauthorized as soon as a customer places an order, and captured when the order is shipped. It is only for cases wherein the customer is part of special tier, that we do not preauthorize cards immediately.

Quote – a order that was submitted to the customer as a quote or proposal only, it is not a final sales order yet. Once a customer accepts the quote and wishes to purchase it, the order can be finalized and converted to have a “pending” status.

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