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How to Count and Confirm Inventory Counts

Jazva Support Team -

Learn how to count inventory and approve inventory counts.


Prerequisites and Best Practices

To ensure accurate inventory counts in your system and across sales channels, you will need to confirm your inventory counts. This is especially important when using Jazva for the first time.

Jazva's inventory management features are contingent upon having correct inventory counts entered into the system. Please follow these procedures closely to ensure accuracy.

  1. Prior to counting, you will need to set up your bin locations in Jazva.
  2. We also recommend that you print out location labels to ensure accuracy when counting.
  3. You can either use a scanner or our Jazva Mobile app to count your items.  Please review our recommended equipment for details.
  4. Ensure that your warehouse team knows that no orders should be processed during inventory counting
  5. Counting can be done by multiple team members simultaneously; however, it is important that there is no overlapping of bin counts.

Counting Inventory

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Inventory > Manage Inventory and select Count Inventory.

  2. Go to the first bin location that you are counting and scan the location label.
  3. Remove all of the items from that bin.
  4. Scan each item in that bin, and then place the item back into the bin.
  5. After scanning each individual item, you can scan the location label of the next bin to automatically submit the counts from the previous bin*.
  6. Complete steps 4-7 for each bin to be counted.
  7. Any exceptions will show up under the Reconcile Inventory screen.

*If a bin location label was scanned incorrectly, but no inventory was scanned in for the bin, simply scan the correct location label to cancel the count for the incorrectly scanned bin.

*If a bin location label was scanned incorrectly but product items were scanned for the incorrect location, simply scan the correct location label and rescan all of the items. You will then also need to complete steps 4-6 above for the incorrectly scanned bin to reconcile your inventory correctly.

Reviewing and Approving Inventory Counts

After counting bin locations, you may find that your counts might differ from what was originally in the location. These discrepancies will appear on the Review & Approve Counts report. An admin user will need to approve the count.

Approving inventory counts differs from reconciling inventory in that reconciling inventory focuses on the total inventory of the facility versus the actual inventory of the location. The Review & Approve Counts screen focuses on the actual items within each bin location. Inventory counts will be based on scanned items, thereby making them true inventory counts.

For example, if a location originally had 15 units, but after a recount, you found only 13 units, clicking Approve will certify that there are indeed only 13 units in the location. Missing items will be removed from the location, and any new items in the bin will be added.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Inventory > Manage Inventory and select Review & Approve Counts.
  2. Jazva will list the existing bin locations that may have discrepancies. Select a bin location and click Review.
  3. Jazva will list out the Correct, Missing and New Items in the bin location.

  4. Click Approve to automatically adjust the bin location contents based on the true inventory count.

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