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Printing Product Barcode Labels

Jazva Support Team -

Barcode labels are product SKU labels to be applied to your products and item variations.

  1. Open the product or item you wish to print a barcode label for.
  2. From the item details page, click the print icon () beside the barcode field.
  3. The Print Barcode Labels dialog box should appear.
  4. Select the Item ID or IDs you want to print labels for and set the print Quantity.
  5. Mark the Case Labels checkbox if this barcode label applies to a case.
    • Mark the Case Labels checkbox if this barcode label applies to a case.
    • Only select this checkbox if the item has a positive pack size, which means that this item comes in packages of X units. When this case label is scanned, it will add X units to your inventory. While the label may look similar to regular item labels, the difference is how many product units are coded into the barcodes.
  6. Click Print
    • You also have the option of downloading the barcode labels as a PDF. Simply click on the Print dropdown and select print pdf.

How to Change Your Item Label Design

If you need to adjust your item labels, such as add or remove the retail price, you can do so from the Product Global Settings.

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup > Global Settings and select Products.
  2. Scroll down and mark the following checkboxes as needed:
    • Print MSRP on Item Label - If populated, the item's MSRP price will be printed on the barcode labels. MSRP will be printed with a strikethrough when Price is also printed.
    • Print Item Price on Item Label - The item price will be printed on the product barcode labels.
  3. Click Update All to save your settings. 
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