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How to Fix Inventory Discrepancies in Jazva

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Learn how to fix inventory discrepancies in Jazva.



To ensure inventory accuracy, Jazva enables you to track each item’s inventory counts by facility, as well as bin location. When you go to a product page, Jazva will outline the item's total inventory, inventory within each facility, and inventory within each facility’s bin locations.


If there is a discrepancy between the facility’s inventory vs bin location inventory, Jazva will count this as a positive or negative “unaccounted for” number, which will appear both in the item’s Inventory section and Reconcile Inventory screen.

Inventory counts are counted at the item (variation) level (IID).

  • If unit counts are not placed into a designated bin location, they are considered unaccounted for and the negative discrepancy will be displayed in Red.
  • If unit counts are placed into a designated bin location and their total exceeds the facility total, they are considered overstock and the positive discrepancy will be displayed in Green.

The Reconcile Inventory screen is a report that lists all items that have these discrepancies. By clicking Fix, Jazva will attempt to match and adjust the facility total count with the counts in the known bin locations.

  • If the discrepancy is red/negative (there is less inventory counted in bin locations than the facility total), then Jazva will decrease the facility total count to match the bin location counts.
  • If the discrepancy is green/positive (there is more inventory accounted for in bin locations than the facility total), then Jazva will increase the facility total count to match the bin location counts.

How to Reconcile Inventory

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Inventory > Manage Inventory and select Reconcile Inventory.
  2. Jazva will list all items that have inventory discrepancies.
    • Column headers may be used for sorting.
    • Stock calculates the total inventory of the item across your facilities.
    • Accounted for calculates the total inventory found on all known bin locations.
    • Off by calculates the discrepancy between Stock and Accounted for.
  3. You can click the More drop-down menu to filter the list by known or unknown locations.
  4. Click Fix to automatically adjust the numbers per item, or select More > Fix All to reconcile inventory in bulk.

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