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Internal Warehouse Transfers

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Learn how to transfer inventory from one warehouse to another.



While it’s important to be able to track inventory across your warehouses, it’s equally important to have a record of your internal warehouse transfers. Jazva lets you send inventory information from one warehouse to another, and inventory will be adjusted for each process.

Transferring inventory involves the following:

  • Sending the inventory from the original warehouse, which will deduct inventory from the sending facility.
  • Inventory in transit, which means the shipment is moving between locations.
  • Receiving the inventory, wherein the inventory will be added to the receiving facility.

These shipments will not have documents or tracking information. Once a shipment is approved and in transit, you will no longer be able to modify the shipment.

How to Transfer Inventory

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Inventory > Shipments and select Transfers.
  2. Choose a From Facility and select a receiving facility from the To Facility drop-down.

  3. Click Create Shipment.
  4. From the Add Item field, enter a Vendor SKU or product name.
  5. Enter the item Quantity, and click Update to add the item to the shipment.

  6. Repeat the process and continue adding items to the shipment as needed.
  7. Click Approve to finalize the shipment. Inventory will be deducted from the sending facility. The shipment will have a status of “in transit” and will appear in your Current Shipments report on the Transfers page.

Receiving the Inventory Transfer

Once the shipment has arrived at the appropriate facility, you may reopen the shipment.

  1. Open the shipment in transit.
  2. There are two ways to receive the inventory:
    • Click Receive if you would like to receive the items by scanning barcodes. Please visit Receiving a Shipment for a more detailed guide.
    • Click Received at Location if you would like to receive the entire shipment automatically.
  3. The shipment will have a status of archived and your inventory would have been updated. You may check the product’s inventory levels its details page if needed.

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