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Receiving a Shipment

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Learn how to receive a shipment using Jazva.


Receiving Shipments

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Inventory > Shipments and select Receive Now.
  2. Select the Vendor you are receiving goods from.
  3. Enter the PO number related to the shipment.
    • If you want to scan a barcode, click the SCAN HERE field and scan with your barcode reader.
    • Alternatively, you can type the barcode in this field and hit the Enter or Return key on your keyboard. This will receive the unit right away.
    • If you want to search for an item that you’re expecting, type it in the Search field and click Find. This will generate a search of expected shipments.
  4. Enter the quantity received for the item and the designated warehouse location it will be placed, and click the Save button to receive it.
  5. Click Finish Receiving and the shipment items will be recorded as received.

If a shipment is not expected, an Ad-hoc button will appear, indicating that the shipment has no record of being ordered and prompting you to confirm that you wish to receive it and add to your inventory.

Receiving Internal Transfer Items into Bin Locations

In addition to vendor shipments, you can also allocate internal transfers into bin locations when receiving inventory.

  1. Simply open the transfer you need to receive.
  2. Click the Receive button on the top right.
  3. Scan or look up the items.
  4. Allocate them to the appropriate bin location.


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