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Get started by setting up your first warehouse in Jazva.


What is a Facility?

Facilities are physical locations used to store your inventory. These facilities may or may not process shipments. All inventory transactions are associated with a warehouse.

Currently, there are 3 types of facilities:

  1. Warehouse
    • Receives, Stores and Ships Inventory to customers
    • Processes internal inventory transfers
    • Processes returns
    • Inventory is tracked at bin level (if needed)
  2. Retail
    • Assigned to one retail location
    • Receives, stores and transfers inventory internally
    • Inventory is NOT tracked at bin level
  3. External
    • Owned and operated by 3rd party (e.g. Amazon FBA)
    • Receives internal transfers
    • Tracks remote inventory
    • Inventory is NOT tracked at bin level

Tip: Each system user (admin, warehouse employee, etc) is assigned a default facility, so at least one “Main” facility has to be defined, even if if you do not process any physical inventory.

Jazva uses facilities to automatically select the best warehouse for each shipment, based on inventory levels and customer location. Once you have added a new facility, you will then need to add in the Sending Information (address of where the shipments will ship from) and Return Information (address where return shipments will be returned to).

You can also setup business hours for each facility that will act as a cut-off time for shipments. This can be utilized in your web-store to inform customers of shipping dates based on order time (e.g. “Ships today if ordered within the next 30 minutes”).

Amazon FBA external warehouses are created automatically when you add an Amazon FBA channel. This is a virtual warehouse and is used to transfer inventory between your physical warehouses and Amazon’s warehouses where your FBA orders will be fulfilled directly by Amazon.

Editing Your First Facility
Your Jazva instance comes with a default warehouse facility to help you onboard faster. We’ll need you to fill out some details to make sure everything’s in order.

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Facilities.
  2. Click on MAIN WH under the Name column. 
  3. In the Facility section, change the text fields and options.

    • Name – Rename the facility or leave it as default
    • Code – Give your facility a code for your own records or leave it as default
    • Type – Select the type of facility:
        • Warehouse – a distribution facility that houses inventory and fulfills orders or transfers inventory to other facilities.
        • Retail – a retail facility that houses inventory sold in-store only. Online orders do not pick inventory from Retail facilities and their inventory counts are not pushed to channels.
        • External – 3rd party facilities that houses inventory. Online orders do not pick inventory from External facilities and their inventory counts are not pushed to channels.
    • Priority – Set the priority rank order. The facility’s ranking number will determine the order from which facility the system would first pick inventory from. Setting a lower number will increase its prioritization, as the highest priority is 1. The default is 100.
  4. Click Update
  5. In the Location section, complete the facility’s shipping address and contact information.
  6. In the Business Hours section, set the facility’s operating hours. You can set different hours for certain days of the week and override them for specific dates.
  7. Click Add to save each time period.
  8. Click Update to save.

Adding Additional Facilities
1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Facilities.
2. Click Add New Facility
3. In the dialog box, complete the required Facility information.
4. Click Next
5. Enter the required Location information.
6. Click Next
7. Review the information you’ve selected and click Add New Facility.

Deleting Facilities
1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Facilities.
2. Look for the facility row you would like to delete and click on the trash bin icon.
3. A confirmation box will appear. Click Yes to delete the facility.

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