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Setting Up Equipment

Jazva Support Team -

Before delving into the system, make sure you have the right equipment, so you can get the most out of your Jazva experience.



To take full advantage of Jazva’s ability to process and print shipping and barcode labels in high volume, we recommend utilizing a thermal label printer. Jazva is compatible with ZPL supported Zebra printers.

Recommended Printers:

Jazva is designed to help make your operations run accurately and efficiently by utilizing barcode scanning throughout the system. With a barcode scanner you will be able to take full advantage of Jazva’s shipping and inventory management tools. Most barcode scanners that can connect to your computer will work, so long as the scanner can read Code-128 Barcodes. We recommend purchasing a wireless bluetooth scanner for added mobility and flexibility.

Recommended Scanners:

App/Scanner Combos

Jazva has its own mobile application currently in Beta. Our app utilizes an iPod touch or iPad mini in combination with a scanner sled by Honeywell. Regardless of your warehouse size, with the mobile app and scanner sled, you will be able to use key Jazva functions with full mobility and ease.

Application functions currently include: Inventory Counting, Moving and Receiving, with Order Processing and Shipping functions coming in the near future. If you wish to enroll your account in our Beta program to start using these tools, please contact us.

Compatible Equipment:

  • iPod touch 5th Generation + Honeywell Captuvo SL22*
  • iPad mini + Honeywell Captuvo SL62*

* When purchasing the Honeywell sled, be sure it includes the built in barcode scanner. Some models of the SL22 and SL62 also include a built in card reader. These models will still work with the iPod touch/iPad mini and the Jazva Mobile App, so long as they include the barcode scanner, but please note, the card reader serves no function in the Jazva app at this time. 


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