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Setting Up Shipping/Receiving Stations

Jazva Support Team -

When setting up your warehouse and shipping station, you should make it easy for your staff to place, store, pull and ship inventory. Generally, stations are equipped with a computer, label printer and a barcode scanner for quick pack & ship process.

A few suggestions for efficient station setup:

  • Select a location close to the shipping/receiving dock, with enough storage space to store picked orders and stack outgoing packages.
  • If possible, keep shipping and receiving separate. Processes can get confusing when spaces are combined.
  • Create a separate storage area for regularly used items, such as cartons, boxes, packing filler or packing tape, which is easily accessible from the shipping station
  • Ensure that the area around the loading dock or bay is unobstructed.

What You Need for Your Shipping Station


  • Electrical line with at least 4 power outlets.


  • Any Windows or Mac computer that can run FireFox or Google Chrome.

Internet Connection:

  • Ethernet connection (preferred) with either
    • a network switch or
    • 2 separate wired connections for the computer and print server.
  • Wi-Fi is okay.

Barcode Scanner:

Thermal Label Printers:

  • Shipping Label Printer:
    • Any ZPL-enabled printer with USB connectivity able to print 4x6 shipping labels.
  • Small Label Printer (optional):
    • Any ZPL-enabled printer with USB connectivity able to print 1x2 small label printers for product barcodes. These are used to print product UPC/EAN barcodes or Amazon FBA required product barcodes with FNSKU.
  • Suggested models

Laser Printer (optional):

  • Used to print letter-size pick lists (if applicable) and/or letter size customs documents.

Jazva Print Server (provided upon request):

  • A small device that connects your USB thermal printer(s) to your Jazva system in the cloud, enabling you to print labels directly from any Internet-enabled device.
  • Requires Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • One print server can be used to connect two or more thermal printers to your Jazva system.

Labeling your bin locations is the next step to setting up an efficient warehouse. Visit this page to proceed.

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