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Jazva v153 Release Notes - April 24, 2018

Jazva Support Team -

Here you can find the release notes for Jazva v153. 

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Support for eBay's New Product-based Shopping Experience

    • Jazva has implemented eBay's latest Catalog API where you can associate your eligible listings to eBay's Product-based Shopping Experience.

      In order to have your listing associated with an eBay product, just save the ePID for that product into the ePID field in Jazva for that listing. Open an item, click on the eBay channel in the Sales Channel area, and populate the ePID field there. Next time you push this product, Jazva will include the ePID number along with your listing information.

      Note: eBay does not support ePID number to be associated with multi-variation listings. In such cases, ensure all your variations have the applicable UPC number.

  • Houzz - New Channel Integration

    • Jazva's latest integration - HOUZZ - is now in BETA. If you want to participate as an early adopter of this functionality, we will gladly help you setup your HOUZZ channel and automate your order fulfillment, listings and inventory control from Jazva.

      Note: Please keep in mind that we might need to iron out some issues with the integration. After that, you will experience the advantage of the single queue order processing and centralized inventory system.

  • Support for Walmart DSV External Shipping Methods

    • Jazva added the ability to map your Walmart DSV External Shipping Methods to your internal supported carriers and mail classes. Just head to your Walmart DSV channel settings, open the Shipping tab, and add the mappings coming from Walmart to your Jazva carrier(s) and mail class(es), if applicable. To help you make the correct mapping, we have added a link to download Walmart DSV Shipping type codes which they send to Jazva along with their orders.

      In addition, you can now see the External Shipping Type and External Shipping Method as they were requested by Walmart DSV on your Jazva order screen's Order Info area on top right of the page.

  • ZPL Image Processing Enhancement for Faint Images

    • We have enhanced our label printer image processing capabilities for 4x6 pick lists and pack lists. The good news is you don't need to make any changes on your side - images will just print better with this change.

      If you have never used thermal-printed pick or pack list, now is a great time to check this out. You might save a lot of money on paper and ink by switching to 4x6 thermal printouts.

  • Case Pack FBA Transfer Support

    • We filled one gap in our FBA Transfers functionality. Now you can create transfers for case packs. With this enhancement you can create your FBA shipment plan and finalize the transfer by using number of cases and the applicable pack size, which will pre-populated from the item page. Jazva will automatically calculate the total quantity to be send to FBA along with the number of cases for the item.

  • Updated Integration with Google Shopping

    • Jazva has updated our integration with Google Merchant Center. This update will let you use your existing Shopify shopping cart as a destination for the Google Shopping listings' links.

      To use this updated integration, please follow the setup steps in our Google Merchant Center help article here Setting up a Google Merchant Channel

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Jazva was not importing Walmart Purchase Orders because they were assigned by Walmart the same Order Number
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