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Accounts Receivable Report

Jazva Support Team -

The Accounts Receivable Summary report gives you visibility over the status of your receivables. This information lets you know what payments to expect, or alert you of what is past due.

Running Your Report

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Financials > Reports and select Accounts Receivable.
  2. You can change the date basis of the report by toggling the Aging from options using either the invoices’ Due Date or Invoice Date.
  3. Adjust the ending date for the report as needed from the Date Ended field.

Searching for Invoices

You can also search for invoices using a variety of filters.

  1. From the Accounts Receivable Summary report, click Search Invoices.
  2. Configure the available filters as needed such as the account name, paid status, order status and date range.
  3. Click Search.
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