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Daily Closes - DHL Driver Summary Manifest

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Learn how to generate DHL driver summary manifests within Jazva or through your Endicia account.


What is a DHL Driver Summary Manifest

A daily close manifest is a tally-sheet that summarizes all the bills of lading issued by a carrier. Your DHL driver summary manifest will list out the parcels to be picked up by DHL.

Creating a DHL Manifest - Domestic Shipments

You will need to use your Endicia account in order to generate your daily close manifest for DHL.

  1. Log into with your Endicia First Class account.
  2. Once logged in, go to My Account > Tools > DHL Global Mail Driver Summary Manifest.
  3. On the "DHL Global Mail Driver Summary Manifest" page, you can preview a brief summary of how many shipments will be included on your manifest.  
  4. Click Create Manifest.
  5. Endicia will generate a PDF manifest which you can download from the next page.
  6. Click Download PDF to save the manifest for your records.
  7. Print out the PDF then sign and date the manifest.
  8. Keep a copy for your records and give another copy for the DHL driver.

Creating a DHL Manifest - International Shipments

You can easily generate a DHL manifest for international shipments within Jazva. Log into your Jazva account and let’s get started.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Orders > Pick, Pack & Ship and select Daily Close.
  2. Toggle to the DHL INT tab.
  3. Click Close: DHL INT
  4. A manifest ID will be displayed in your Daily Close list, and you can proceed creating a DHL Bill of Lading.

Important: DHL only allows shipments to be manifested five days after they have been created. Otherwise, they will not be included in the next manifest. We recommend that you closeout your international shipments at the end of each business day.

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