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How to Set Up Shipping Boxes

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Learn how to create and specify shipping boxes in Jazva.


Creating a New Box

You can set up your boxes in Jazva to use them for parcels and even have it automatically select the most appropriate box for ordered items. This also prevents you from having to re-enter the package’s dimensions when shipping out parcels.

    1. From the main menu, navigate to Inventory > Supplies and select Boxes.
    2. In the Add New Box section, complete the required fields:
      • Choose the Vendor from which you receive the boxes.
      • Enter the box dimensions (L*W*H).
      • Enter the Name of the box, such as "8x8x4". (optional. Leave blank to use dimensions as the Box Name).
      • Enter the Cost per box (optional, to keep track of your cost). 
      • Click the checkbox next to Active to allow Jazva to use this box for your shipments.
      • Min Weight: sets a minimum weight that the order must meet for the box to be used.
      • Special Packaging Type: sets the box as a specific type offered by the popular shipping carriers. Please refer to the Special Boxes section below.
    3. Click Submit and the box will now be available in the Boxes list.

Active boxes will be marked as blue on the page.

Special Boxes

Special boxes are ones that are provided by the shipping carriers, such as USPS’ Flat Rate Priority boxes or FedEx’s Large Box.

If Jazva evaluates that a special box is the best option for a shipment, then it will send the appropriate packaging type to the carrier when obtaining a label for that shipment.

For Jazva to choose a special box for a shipment it has to meet two requirements:

  1. The dimension of the goods in the order has to fit in the dimensions configured in the box. Please note that the system will not attempt to fit a product with no dimensions.
  2. If "Min Weight" is populated in the box, then the weight of the goods has to be equal or greater than the Min Weight specified. Flat Rate Box charges tend to be competitive only when package’s weight is above certain value. In other words, shipping a lightweight package using Flat Rate can be more expensive than shipping it using a regular box. So it is best to use the Min Weight option to indicate that special boxes shouldn't be used to ship lightweight packages.

Consider this example:

You have a USPS Small Flat Rate box configured in Jazva with dimensions 8”x5”x1.5”, min weight 2 lbs, and packaging type SmallFlatRateBox. You have an order for a 3 lbs item with dimensions 6”x4”x1”.

When Jazva evaluates the best mail class and carrier to ship this item, it will use the flat rate cost provided by USPS for small box, and compare it to the rates of any other shipping carriers that you have configured in your system. It will then choose the least expensive way to ship your package.

Creating a Special Box

  1. Create a new box, or select an existing box. Click the name from the Boxes list.
  2. From the Modify Box page, populate the following fields:
    • Min Weight - configure the minimum weight for Jazva to consider this box.
    • Special Packaging Type – the packaging type for the box to be sent to the carrier along with the mail class.
  3. Click Submit to save.
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