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Importing Products via Spreadsheet (Product Import Wizard)

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Learn how to import your products in bulk using a Product Import Wizard.



The Product Import Wizard allows you to upload products from a spreadsheet. You can map each column in the spreadsheet to a product field and save that mapping for future use.

Jazva lets you maintain multiple product import files if you are planning to use multiple product file layouts.

By importing your products in bulk, you can import:

  • Multiple categories per product
  • Multiple images by external URL
  • Variations and multiple images per variation
  • Vendor information, cost, attributes, etc

Importing your products in bulk allows you to build your category tree and vendor database simultaneously. Jazva automatically saves all the new vendors and categories from your import file.

Creating Your Product Import Wizard

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Setup and select Channels.
  2. Scroll down to the Data Exchange section and click on +.
  3. Select Generic Product Import Wizard from the list of channels.
  4. From the Import Products tab, click Download Sample to obtain a sample import template file.
  5. Open the file and fill in the spreadsheet with your product, category and vendor data. Make sure that you fill out as much information as you can.
  6. Once your spreadsheet has been formatted correctly, click Browse from the Import Products tab to upload your file.
    • You can also click Copy/Paste to paste values from your spreadsheet into the Products Data box (optional).
  7. Select a Vendor from the dropdown list.
  8. Configure the following settings as needed on the import tab:
    • Save – deactivating this setting informs the system of new column headers and resets its import headers based on the file. If you have previously uploaded the same file and activated this setting, there is no need to reset the mapping.
    • Update Existing Only – this setting will limit the import to update only the existing products
    • Update Titles and Description on Existing – this setting will limit the import to update only the titles and descriptions of existing products.
    • Remove Alt Vendors on existing - this setting will remove the current vendors of products being updated.
    • Discontinuing Absent Items – this setting will deactivate products in the system that are not in your spreadsheet, a useful feature to clean up your product database.
    • Remove Current Categories – this setting will remove the current categories of products being updated.
    • Remove Current Bullets – this setting will remove the current bullets of products being updated.
    • Remove Current Tier Price Tags – this setting will remove the current Tier Price Tags of products being updated.
    • Category Path Delimiter – enter the character value that you are using to separate categories in your spreadsheet. (e.g. “/” or “>”, used in the spreadsheet as “ParentCategory/SubCategory/SubCategory2”)
    • Multiply cost by - Enter a currency conversion rate

  9. Click Upload & Verify to begin the upload.
  10. Once complete, your data will be displayed horizontally with your original spreadsheet headers listed on the left column. Your spreadsheet’s columns will be displayed as rows on this table.
  11. Review the column header names on the first column. You may be prompted to adjust their mapping by selecting the correct values from the second column drop-down list. To disregard a row, select Ignore from the drop-down list.
  12. Once all the headers match the mapped values, click Import & Finish button to execute the final upload.

The products will now be in the system and automatically added to the Basket for easy reference. You may remove them from the basket as needed.

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