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How to Create a Sales Task

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Learn how to create and assign tasks for your sales team.

  1. From the main menu, go to CRM and select Sales Tasks.
  2. Click Add New Sales Task.
  3. Complete the form as needed:
    • Author - This is you by default but can be changed as needed, such as if you are entering this on behalf of someone else.
    • Assignments - You can enter a user or group for this task.
    • Email Address - The email address of the person being assigned this task.
    • Priority -  The priority of this task.
    • Subscribers - Email addresses of anyone to be copied on this task.
    • Severity - The level of severity of this task.
    • Referral Sources - Where this sales lead came from.
    • Related Locations - Any additional locations for this task.
    • Task Reason - Reason for this task.
    • Task Type - The type of task (phone call, meeting, etc.)
    • Notes - Any additional notes pertaining to this task.
  4. Click Create to save the sales task. If you would like to continue adding tasks, click Create and Add Another.
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