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Pushing Inventory Counts to Channels

Jazva Support Team -

Learn how to push, update and manage your channel-specific inventory counts.


Jazva lets you manage inventory across multiple channels using one unified platform. But before you begin having Jazva update and control the inventory counts in your channels, you must make sure that your counts in Jazva are correct.

Automatically Pushing Inventory Counts to Your Channels

To allow Jazva to take control of your channel-specific inventory counts, you must activate the Push Inventory setting from your Global Settings.

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Global Settings.
  2. Select Inventory.
  3. Select an option from the Push Inventory drop-down.
    • All - This will push all inventory counts to your channels.
    • Known Locations Only - This will push inventory counts to your channels from bin locations only.
    • No Inventory Updates - Inventory updating will be disabled.
  1. Click Update All to save your changes.

Once you activate the Push Inventory setting, Jazva will now push inventory counts to your channels during every periodic update.

Manually Pushing Inventory Counts to Your Channels

Inventory counts can be pushed to your channels at any time. You will need to add a number of products to your basket and perform a basket action in order to push them to the channel.

To learn how to add items to your basket, please visit Performing Basket Actions.

  1. Perform a product search.
  2. Add items to your Basket.
  3. Select Basket Actions and click Modify Basket.
  4. From the Modify Bulk Items section, apply the following settings:
    1. Push to Channel - select Yes.
    2. Action - select Update Inventory.
    3. Channels - select the channel you wish to update inventory counts for.
  5. Select Submit.

Note: Manually pushing inventory updates via the basket overrides your Push Inventory settings from the Global Settings.

Limiting the Amount of Inventory Pushed

You can set a maximum limit of inventory to be pushed to your channels to be more in line with your selling strategies or to comply with a marketplace’s rules and regulations.

  1. Open an existing channel.
  2. Navigate to the Setup page. Click Advanced Settings for eBay channels.
  3. Configure one or both of the following settings:
    • Maximum Inventory - sets a maximum monetary amount of inventory to be published to this channel per SKU. For example, the limit is set at $3,000 and a SKU that is sold for $40 has an inventory on hand of 220pcs. Jazva will only publish 75 pieces to the channel (75 x $40 = $3,000).
    • Maximum Inventory Count - sets a maximum unit amount of inventory to be published to the channel per SKU.
  4. Click Update to save.

To learn more about these settings, please visit Channels & Marketplaces.

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