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Performing Basket Actions

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Learn how to use the basket, so you can edit multiple products quickly and efficiently.



Jazva gives you the ability to modify thousands of items all at once through the basket actions. You can schedule future actions, edit pricing, and deactivate seasonal merchandise, all with a few clicks. Products in the basket can also be exported to Excel.

Adding Products Using Product Search

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Products and select Product Search.
  2. Enter fields and adjust filters to refine your search results.
  3. To automatically save all results to your basket, set the Basket filter to “Add to Basket.”
  4. To manually select items to add to your basket, leave the Basket filter blank and click Search Products. Scroll down to your results and select items by marking the checkboxes beside each item. You can also tick the top checkbox to select all items that appear on the page.
  5. Click the blue +cart icon to add the items to the basket.

Making Bulk Changes

  1. You can access your basket from the top navigation bar. Click on the red basket icon to load your basket results.
  2. Click the Basket Actions dropdown.
    • Select Modify Basket if you’d like to perform mass changes to all items in the basket
    • Select Modify Selected if you’d like to edit specific products in the basket.
    • Select Export to Excel to download a spreadsheet of the items in your basket.
  3. Choose specific fields, settings and options you would like modify in bulk
    • You can also add bullet points or remove all existing (optional).
    • You can change pricing (optional).
    • You can Schedule the actions for a later time and date (optional).
  4. Click Submit to finish.

Adding a Product to the Basket Directly

When working on an existing product or item, you may want to add them directly to the basket without having to perform a product search.

  • First, open the product or item.
  • To add all variations of a product, click Product Actions and select +Add to Basket.
  • To add a single item only, click Variation Actions and select +Add to Basket.

The item will now be added to your basket.

Updating Prices in Bulk

Whether you need to adjust pricing because of market changes or to fix incorrect prices across the board, prices can easily be modified using Jazva’s bulk editing tool

  1. Add the products you want to modify to your basket.
  2. Click Basket Actions and select Modify Basket.
  3. Scroll to the Pricing section and configure the following options as needed:
  • Set - select a price type that you want to change, such as the Price, Regular Price, MAP, MSRP or All Prices Except MAP.
  • No Price Changes - select this if no price changes are required.
  • Fixed Amount - sets the price to a fixed monetary amount.
  • Markup - sets the price to change based on markup percentage, plus a percentage of the freight cost.
  • Normalize to - sets the price to change based on pricing rules you’ve set in the vendor’s settings.
  • As Cost Base Use -  set the type of cost:
    • Actual Cost - the cost of the unit minus discounts and adding freight cost.
    • List Cost - the cost of the unit only.
  • Subtract - set an amount to be deducted from the rounded amount.

Finally, you can schedule when the price change will take place by setting a date in the Schedule section. Otherwise, click Submit to start the basket action.

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