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Amazon MCF Integration

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Learn how to submit, track and cancel Amazon MCF orders all within Jazva.



Jazva’s integration with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment is currently in beta. We welcome any feedback to help us improve your experience with this new feature.

Amazon MCF is a service similar to FBA, but goes a step further and allows Amazon to pack and ship products that are sold on your own site or other marketplaces. When a customer orders your products, Amazon fulfills that order for you. Amazon will also handle returns and customer service on your products.

The challenge with Amazon MCF, however, is the difficulty in keeping track of inventory across your channels. Especially now with Amazon’s new FBA pricing structure, sellers will need to be smarter with their inventory in order to avoid stale inventory – that is, paying storage fees for products that don’t sell.

With our latest Amazon integration, you can now submit, track and cancel MCF orders, all within one platform. No more coordinating between several systems to manage MCF. You can also view and manage warehouse inventory, cross-channel shipments and pricing, in addition to keeping all your channels organized and optimized.

  • Take advantage of Amazon's fulfillment services by selecting MCF as your external warehouse.
  • Retrieve fulfillment information and track your orders from Jazva.
  • Cancel fulfillment requests by voiding the invoice.

How to Enable Amazon MCF for a Channel

To enable MCF, you must first be a current Amazon FBA user.

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Facilities.
  2. Select your Amazon FBA warehouse.
  3. Update the following settings:
  • Handler: "Amazon_MCF"
  • Handler Channel: [your Amazon FBA channel]

To set a channel to automatically send fulfillment requests to MCF, you will need to set FBA as the primary fulfillment method for that existing channel:

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Channels.
  2. Click the channel you want to edit and open its Setup page.
  3. Scroll down to the Facilities section.
  4. In the Select a facility drop-down, choose your Amazon FBA warehouse
  5. Set a Minimum Required Stock in Days. This determines how many days worth of inventory this facility needs. By doing so, your inventory transfers will be updated whenever this facility’s inventory count falls below the set Minimum Required Stock in Days.
  6. Click Add Facility to complete setup.
  7. To exclusively fulfill using MCF for this channel, only add your Amazon FBA warehouse as the sole facility in this section. To learn more about channel-specific facilities, please visit Using Channel-Specific Facilities.

Manually Allocating an Order to MCF

An order can be manually allocated to Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

  1. Open the order you would like to allocate to MCF.
  2. Toggle to the Invoices tab.
  3. If the inventory is already allocated (i.e. a pending order), click Release Inventory. Click Submit to release the inventory.
  4. Return to the Invoices tab, click the Allocate Stock drop-down and select your Amazon FBA warehouse.
  5. The page will reload to the Details page. Toggle back to the Invoices tab.
  6. A new mail icon will appear in your options, underneath the packslip icon. Click the mail icon to send your order to the FBA warehouse, and the order will be processed by Amazon.

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