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Managing Pre-Orders

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Learn how to manage pre-orders in Jazva.



Certain channels allow you to sell products with a “pre-order” status. For example, in Shopify, there is an option “Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock.”

In Jazva, the pre-order functionality is implemented on the product level, not the channel level. This means that if a product is has a “pre-order” status and is also listed on Shopify, Amazon and eBay, Jazva will push a dummy inventory count to all these channels. Please take note of this in case you don’t want the product to be listed as a pre-order on certain channels.

If you want to limit “pre-order” status on specific channels, you will need to set the original product as a pre-order, and then create a kit of the product to be sold normally on other channels. If the kit is a pre-order, we will be using the component's pre-order inventory. The original product must always be set as “pre-order” with dummy inventory. For more details, please jump to the Setting “Pre-order” Status on Specific Channels section below.

Setting a Product to Pre-Order

Please make sure this pre-order product is published only on the channels you want to set as a pre-order.

  1. Open an existing item in Jazva.
  2. From the Details section, mark the Pre-order checkbox.

  3. Jazva will send dummy inventory on applicable published sales channels.

Setting “Pre-order” Status for Specific Channels (Kits as Pre-orders)

Since Jazva sets “pre-order” status at the product level, you will need to set the original product as a pre-order, create a virtual kit of that product, adjust the sales channels, and publish the kit accordingly.

For example, if you want to publish a non-pre-order item on Amazon without touching the pre-order product sold on Shopify, you will need to create a virtual kit specific to Amazon. The kit will have a new SKU only for Amazon, while pointing to same old SKU.

We recommend creating a kit for each channel as needed. If a kit is set to "pre-order," Jazva will be using the component's pre-order inventory.

  1. Open the item you wish to create a kit from. The original item must have the pre-order status.
  2. Click Actions, select Create Kit. Do not select “Convert to Kit.”
  3. Fill out the required Product Info details, including Title, Vendor and Vendor SKU. You may need to create a new vendor SKU.

  4. Click Create to set up the new kit.
  5. Ensure that all product information is copied onto the kit, including categories, bullet points, images, UPC, etc.
  6. If you need to make adjustments to Sales Channels, make sure to record the Listing IDs and External IDs before removing them from the original item. Go to the kit’s Sales Channels and paste the necessary IDs as needed.

  7. From the Details section of the kit, make sure you have the desired status set. You may create as many kits as you’d like and designate each kit as a pre-order or non-pre-order.
  8. Publish to your channels as needed.

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