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How to Create Kits and Bundles

Jazva Support Team -

A kit is a collection of separate items being sold together as a single product listing. In Jazva, we consider a kit as a virtual product because it is not a real stand-alone product.

Jazva’s kitting functionality allows you to create and manage these kits using existing inventory. The inventory of each item in the kit is managed independently, giving you the flexibility to sell products as kits or individual products based on demand.

There are two ways to create kits:

  • You can combine two or more items into a kit. This is known as bundling.
  • You can create a copy from an original product then convert it into a kit.

Kits should only be created from original products. Kits should not be created from other kits. For a quick start guide, please visit our Kits, Bundles & Shadow Listings.

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