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Listing Updates for Shopify Channel

Jazva Support Team -

Last updated: 2/19/2018

In our effort to simplify and unify how you manage listings across all channels, changes will be made to the Shopify listing process in Jazva. The update will make listing on Shopify easier and more consistent with your existing channels.

This change will ensure that when you ADD a listing to Shopify or push an UPDATE for an existing listing, Jazva will prepare and send information for all items in the product (or products) that you are working with. You can perform this individually or via the product basket.

In other words, if you work with only one variation in Jazva, and you use the ADD or UPDATE action to send product data to Shopify, then Jazva will prepare and send the information for all items that belong to the product of this subject item.

Warning: If Jazva’s product information for a listing does not match Shopify’s information for that listing, then Jazva will override the Shopify listing with the product data from Jazva.

For example, if you grandfathered a listing in Shopify with 3 sizes, convert them to live listings in Jazva, add a 4th size and push it to Shopify, then Jazva will prepare a full update for the 4 variations of the listing and submit it to Shopify. With that push, all Jazva data for all 4 variations including but not limited to Images, prices, description, etc, will be pushed over.

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