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Your Implementation Road Map

Jazva Support Team -

This roadmap outlines the implementation process and defines important milestones as you transition into using Jazva's powerful automation software.


Phase 1: Kick-off

We will start off by getting to know each other and preparing for launch.

# Task Party Notes
1.1 Introductory Call
Your personal Jazva Launch Specialist will contact you shortly after your sign-up to set up an introductory call to get to know you and your business. This will help us better plan out your onboarding with Jazva.
Client & Jazva  
1.2a Schedule Planning
Your Jazva Launch Specialist will put together your Launch schedule and send you an updated Launch guide with target dates. We will also prepare your print server and any additional equipment that will be needed in later phases.
1.2b Complete Basic Setup
While we put together your schedule and prep your equipment, you can help get things rolling by completing some Basic Setup Tasks.
Client & Jazva

Client to complete the following:

  1. Set Up Facilities
  2. Set Up Users and Permissions
  3. Connect Payment Gateways
  4. Set Up Taxes
  5. Provide Jazva WiFi Info for Print Servers
  6. Connect Shipping Carriers
  7. Connect Your Sales Channels

Phase 2: Data Gathering

In this phase, we’ll need your help gathering and preparing some essential files and templates. Most of the data we need here can usually be exported from your existing systems.

# Task Party Notes
2.1a Gather & Prepare Data
You will need to gather and prepare various data from your existing systems to complete Jazva-designed Import Templates. Your Launch Specialist will provide these templates to you. Don’t worry if you have difficulty obtaining that data though. Your Launch Specialist can help work with you to complete this task.
Client Client to send:
  • Core Product Data
  • Internal Data for Each Product, not from listings:
    • SKU (as used internally)
    • Title
    • Main Vendor
    • Cost
    • Any pricing info (Regular Price, MSRP, MAP, etc)
    • Weights & Dimensions
    • Breakdown of any bundles or kits
  • Vendor Data
  • Wholesale Customers
  • Drop Ship Customers
  • Tiered or Custom Pricing Info
  • Document Templates: Packing slips, invoices, etc.
  • Email Templates: Order confirmation, shipment confirmation, etc.
  • Inventory Quantities & Locations
  • Listing Templates (eBay)
  • Company Logos and Image Files


2.1b Send Templates and Samples
Your Launch Specialist will prepare and send templates and samples if needed to assist you in gathering and preparing your data.
2.2 Check-In
Your Launch Specialist will check in periodically to see how progress is going and assist you as needed.

Phase 3: Setup
Once all the necessary data and files have been received, we will work to get everything setup and imported into your system. This is typically the longest phase of the process, as we like to ensure accurate data migration to maintain data integrity.

# Task Party Notes
3.1 Import Data
Your Launch Specialist will take over for a bit to get all the information and data imported and set up in your system.
Jazva Jazva to import data:
  • Products
  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Listings from Channels
3.2 Warehouse Setup
While we work on importing and setting up your data, we ask that you start setting up your warehouse in preparation for the Launch & Training Phase.
Client Client to prepare warehouse:
 3.3 Product Management
Your Launch Specialist will link products and listings and set up your bundles and kits. Your Launch Specialist will work to link and connect as many of the products as possible, but you may be asked to help verify discrepancies and link items we cannot complete.
Jazva (Client if needed) This step can sometimes be lengthy depending on the number of products and listings in your catalog and the complexity of your SKUs and bundles, but what’s important is that we set things up as accurately as possible to avoid inventory issues in the future.
3.4 Setup Templates
We will setup and prepare your templates in the system based on any samples provided during the data-gathering phase.
Jazva Templates to be set up:
  • Documents
  • Emails
  • Listings
3.5 Check-In
Your Launch Specialist will provide a status update on the data setup, as well as check in to see how progress is going with the warehouse setup and assist you as needed.
3.6 Final Review
We will do one last check-in to verify that all the work thus far is accurate and ready to go. If everything looks good, we’ll start pulling in your orders from your channels.
Client & Jazva  

Phase 4: Launch & Training

Now that we’ve gotten the hard tasks out of the way, we get to the exciting stuff!

In the final phase, we begin training on the core essentials of Jazva, to help you run your operations efficiently on a day-to-day basis. Training sessions typically run 1hr long, and your Launch Specialist will coordinate with you and your team to schedule your training sessions, making sure to include all necessary personnel.

After each training session, you will immediately get a chance to start applying your newfound knowledge of Jazva. Our goal is to have you begin using the system right after training to help ensure training retention, but we also know you’re just itching to get your feet wet!

# Task Party Notes
4.1 Training: Product & Listing Management
This training will teach you the how to manage your products and listings in Jazva.

After the training, you can begin to create new products and listings, as well as take over their ongoing management. 
Client & Jazva Training Topics:
  1. Product Overview & Navigation
  2. Product Search
  3. Adding New Products
  4. Linking and Merging Products/Listings
  5. Kits & Bundles
  6. Bulk Actions via the Basket
  7. Categories
  8. Listing Overview
  9. Listing Templates
4.2 Training: Order Management & Processing/Shipping
This training will cover the general management of your orders and teach you the essentials of processing and shipping out orders from Jazva.

After the training, you can choose to start off by processing a few of your daily orders through Jazva to get a feel of the process. Once you are comfortable using the system, you can begin processing all your daily orders.
Client & Jazva Training Topics:
  1. Order Overview & Navigation
  2. Order Statuses
  3. Processing & Shipping
  4. Manual Order Entry
  5. Returns
 4.3 Training: Vendors, Reordering, and Receiving
This training will cover the general management of your vendors and drop shippers, as well the process of reordering and receiving new inventory.

After the training, you can begin to place new Purchase Orders through Jazva and receive new shipments into your inventory.
Client & Jazva Training Topics:
  1. Vendors Overview & Navigation
  2. Drop Ship Management (if needed)
  3. Creating New POs
  4. Receiving Shipments
  5. Vendor Invoicing and Payments
4.4 Training: Inventory Management

This training will teach you how to utilize Jazva’s inventory functions to manage and maintain your inventory counts.

After the training, you can choose to perform a full inventory count or import existing inventory quantities in order for us to turn on inventory control.

Client & Jazva Training Topics:
  1. Inventory Overview & Navigation
  2. Locations
  3. Count & Move Inventory
  4. Import Inventory Counts
4.5 Final Review & Sign Off
Your Launch Specialist will have a final review call to recap your onboarding and tie up and miscellaneous tasks. Once you have signed off on all tasks, we will transition you over to our Customer Success Team to help you with any day-to-day questions and issues, as well as any future training or projects. 
Client & Jazva  

Go Live!

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