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Exploring the Jazva Interface

Jazva Support Team -

Welcome to Jazva! Check out this primer on how to navigate the system, from the main menu down to each module.


  1. Main Menu
  2. Admin Control Console
  3. Global Search Bar
  4. Miscellaneous System Features

The Main Menu

The main menu gives you access to all the modules in Jazva and appears as a left sidebar on all pages within the system. You can hide this menu by clicking on the navicon.


This menu gives you access to the various features and options of Jazva, each represented by an icon or tab. These modules include:

  • Orders - view orders, place new orders, and process returns.
  • Inventory - manage inventory, vendors, purchase orders, invoices and more.
  • Products - add, edit or import your products and listings.
  • Analytics - access your shipping and sales dashboards, or create custom reports.
  • CRM - manage your contacts and customers.
  • Marketing - create coupons, gift certificates and advertising campaigns.
  • Financials - manage accounting and financial reports.
  • Setup - configure your system and customize Jazva with advanced settings.
  • Help - link to the Help Center knowledge base.

The Admin Console

The admin console is the drop-down panel at the top right corner of the page. Simply click on your account name and the menu will appear.


  • What’s new - Click this link to view recent updates to the system. A “New” notification will appear whenever new release notes are posted.
  • Setup Center - Click this link to view a step-by-step guide on setting up the system manually.
  • Profile - Click this link to update your login credentials and email address. You can also set up alerts in this section.
  • Logout - Click this link to exit the system.

Global Search Bar

On the top header, you will see a search bar where you can search for contacts, orders and products. Simply type your query in the box and hit enter/return or click the magnifying glass to run the search.


You can also narrow down your search by using prefixes.

For example, to search for Product ID 154, simply enter "p 154" and Product ID 154 will appear.

Here is a list of prefixes you can use (also accessible from the ? icon).

i - item id in - invoice number l - location name
o - order info oi - order id p - product id
pp - PayPal Transaction Number po - purchase order r - RMA
s - shipment id sn - Serial Number u - user info
v- various product info vid - find product by product vid vn - vendor

Miscellaneous System Features


  • Conversations Inbox - the mail icon next to alerts, where you can check your Inbox, Unread messages, and other conversations related to Orders, Contacts and Leads.
  • Alerts - the bell icon next to the admin console will show any alerts and reminders you have set up.
  • EN / ZH - Toggle between English and Chinese language options.
  • Help Center- on the bottom right corner, you can see a yellow button labeled “Help.” This will bring up an interactive help wizard that will link you to articles in our existing help desk knowledge base.
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