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Channel Emails & Email Templates

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Learn how to assign channel-specific email addresses, allowing you to specify which account the emails will be sent out from.


Setting Up Outgoing Email Servers

You can set a channel to use an external email server, allowing it to send out messages from a preferred email account.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Setup and select Channels.
  2. Open an existing channel.
  3. Toggle to the Email tab. It should default to the Outgoing section.
  4. Select the Own Server option.
  5. In the Main Outgoing Email Server section, enter the required server settings and account credentials:
    • Default From Name – the name that will appear as the sender.
    • Default From Email – the email address that will appear as the sending email address.
    • Channel Specific Server – sets the channel to use an external email server.
    • Host – the mail server that will send the messages.
    • Port – the port to connect to the mail server.
    • Username – the login credentials for the email account (e.g.
    • Password – the password to access the email account.
    • Auth – enables the authorization credentials to access the server.
    • Start TLS – enables Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt the emails sent to the mail server.
  6. Click Save.

To confirm if the mail server has been set up successfully, perform tests to see if messages are sending out. Depending on your email service provider and personal settings, additional notifications and confirmation prompts may need to be addressed to complete the connection.

You can also set up a designated mail server exclusively for newsletters in the Newsletter Outgoing Mail Server section.

Customizing Email Templates

Jazva offers a range of email templates which can be customized to your liking. You can send out automated messages for order confirmations and shipping notifications, and these templates can be customized for specific channels.

  1. Open an existing channel.
  2. Toggle to the the Email tab and switch to the Templates section.
  3. Select a template from the list.
  4. Configure the following options and complete each section as needed:
    • Disable Template – this will set the template inactive and will prevent emails from being sending out.
    • HTML Template – this sets the template to read HTML code from the message body.
    • Subject. - the subject line of the email
    • Body - enter your content or HTML code to include in the email.
  5. Click Update to save.

Click Preview to review the email template. You can also perform tests from the Send Template Test Email section.


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