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Categories and Subcategories

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Learn how to manage categories and sub-categories in Jazva. Start building your category trees today!



A category is a classification unit that allows you to group, stratify or arrange products, which enables you to perform actions in bulk and organize products more efficiently.

You can create categories manually within Jazva or import them from your product listings. For example, Amazon and eBay have their own category trees. When you import your products from those channels, those category trees will be saved your Jazva category list.

Categories follow a parent-child structure (e.g. TOOLS>HOME & GARDEN>CUTTERS). This means that you can nest sub-categories under a category, or insert parent-categories above existing categories.

Multiple hierarchies can be created that are related or independent of each other.  Attributes and functions assigned to a category will automatically apply to all sub-categories.

For a detailed guide using Walmart as an example, please visit: 

Viewing and Updating Categories

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Products and select Categories.
  2. Search for the category, either by finding it on the category list or entering keywords in the Find Category field.
  3. Click on the category name to view its details.
  4. From the category details page, you can edit any of the fields and and save your changes by clicking Update.

Creating Categories

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Products and select Categories.
  2. From the Add New section at the bottom, enter a Title and Code for your new category and click Add.
  3. Select your new category from the list.
  4. Complete the form with the pertinent category information.
  • Title – the category name
  • Code/Name – the category code
  • Priority – sets the priority of the category’s functions over other categories assigned to a product. Selecting a higher number will increase its prioritization. For example, priority 30 will supersede priority 29.  
  • Image icon – select an image and upload it for the category.
  • Aliases – select alternative names for the category.
  • Description 1 & 2 – enter description(s) of the category.
  1. Click Update to save.

Adding Sub-categories

  1. Open an existing category.
  2. From the Add New Category section on the top right, enter a Title and Code/Name for your desired sub-category.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Your new category will be listed under the Sub-Categories section. Click on that category’s title.
  5. Complete the fields on your new category details page.
  6. Click Update to save your changes.

To assign categories to your products, please visit Adding & Updating Products.

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