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SSL Certificates for Your Jazva Web Store

Jazva Support Team -

In order to provide secure browsing for your Jazva web store, particularly the shopping cart portion, you will need to request and install an SSL Certificate in your Jazva account.

The process is the same when adding or renewing an SSL certificate:

Step 1

File a request with Jazva Support to generate the CSR for your account. In your request, please include:

  • Exact domain name of your web store.
    • You must include the full domain name, including “shop”, “www”, etc.
    • For example: “”
  • Company name used for this SSL certificate
  • City
  • State

Step 2

Obtain a CSR file from Jazva. Once you complete the above steps, we will send you the CSR file.

Step 3

Purchase an SSL certificate from a SSL provider. We recommend

Step 4

Log into your SSL provider dashboard and request the SSL Certificate files. Your provider will need this information:

  • The exact domain name for the SSL certificate, as specified in step 1 above.
  • The CSR text (obtained from step 2 above)
  • Make sure you copy-paste the entire text from the file, including the leading and end lines.
  • You may need to provide the application server’s type - choose TOMCAT
  • Some other SSL provider-specific requests
  • NOTE: If you are not sure how to request SSL Certificate files please contact your SSL provider support desk.

Step 5

After the SSL provider verifies ownership of the domain chosen, they will issue and email the SSL Certificate to you. Please forward that email to Jazva.

Step 6

Jazva will install the certificate into your server, and your SSL certificate setup will be completed.

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