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Adding a Logo to the Admin Login Screen

Jazva Support Team -

Learn how to change the logo on your Jazva admin login page.

First, you will need to create the logo image and save the file name as: img_logo_client.png

It’s recommended that your logo be no larger than 400px wide.

Modifying the Logo in Jazva

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Setup and select Content.
  2. Scroll down to File Upload and select [Browse].
  3. Select the img_logo_client.png file that you saved.
  4. Tick the [override existing] checkbox.
  5. Click Upload to complete.

After the page reloads, you will receive a *"File successfully uploaded" conformation. Your logo should now appear on the login screen

Note: you may need to clear your cache for the image to appear the next time you log in. Hold [SHIFT]+ Refresh on your browser window to refresh your cache.

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