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Channel-Specific Publishing Categories

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Learn how to create channel-specific publishing categories and map them to your products.



This article will walk you through the process of creating a publishable category mapped to your channel’s product category tree. In this example, we’ll show you how to set up Walmart categories, however, the general steps in this guide are applicable to other marketplace channels, including Amazon and Jet.


Walmart is set up differently as they map only down to two categories, underneath its parent category Walmart. In addition, their mapping categories don't always match the actual product category names on their website.

Walmart has specific categories allowed for listings and their related items. Please read through the what types of items are allowed for each category and subcategory. An updated document can be found here. This will be used to map categories and prevent errors.

Do note that it is up to Walmart to decide which path your listing will fall under on their website. For example, if you wanted your item to be mapped under "Sports & Outdoors > Outdoor Sports > Fishing > Boat Accessories > Boat Tops & Other Accessories", Walmart may choose to put it under a different path. This cannot be changed.

In Jazva, the process of listing an item to Walmart involves the following:

  1. Create a generic “Walmart” store category.
  2. Add a main product category to the Walmart category.
  3. Add subcategories to the Walmart category.
  4. Add the appropriate Walmart category to the relevant item.
  5. Publish the items via Push Updates.

Setting Up Your Publishing Categories

The first step is to create a generic parent “Walmart” category. Think of this as a “store” level category - similar to Amazon, eBay or Shopify - not a “product” category in Walmart’s document referenced above.

  1. From the main menu, go to Products and select Categories.
  2. Click +Add New Category.
  3. Enter a unique title such as “Walmart1” and a unique code identifier.
  4. Your new category should appear on the category list.

The next step is to add actual product category to the Walmart store category. In this example, we will use "Sports & Recreation" as the main category and "Sports & Recreation Other" as the subcategory. If you had created categories by mistake, we recommend deleting them to start fresh.

  1. Open the newly created parent category.
  2. From the Add New Category section, enter a Title. Here, we will use “"Sports & Recreation" as an example. Code/Name is optional, used for internal reference. Please note that you may need to alter the category name slightly if the same name already exists. Click Add to continue.
  3. The main product category will be listed under your store’s Subcategories section. Go ahead and click the main product category, “Sports & Recreation.”
    • Every channel has its own category tree, which is the path or breakdown of how you get to the item listing. In some channels, this can appear in the site’s breadcrumbs or navigation. Depending on the channel, you can get as granular as possible with subcategories. But for Walmart, there will only be 2 levels.
    • If you are unsure which category/subcategory page you are on, you can check the breadcrumbs in Jazva to reference your current user path.
  4. In the main product category, add the appropriate product subcategory in the Add New Category section. In this example for Walmart, we will use “Sports & Recreation Other."

  5. You may add all the subcategories here as needed for future use.

  6. Click the Subcategory you want to edit. In this example, we’ll use "Sport & Recreation Other." Make sure you are in the correct subcategory page before proceeding.
  7. Scroll down to Category Mappings and select Walmart.

  8. Type the word "Sport" to find the correct category in Walmart to map it to, and select the appropriate subcategory. Remote ID will auto-populate. Click Save.
  9. Now you can see it appropriately mapped.

Mapping Categories to the Product

  1. Open the product you want to map to your subcategory.
  2. Under the Categories’ “Add” field, find the subcategory you created.

  3. From Sales Channels, select Walmart.
  4. From Push Updates, click the drop-down and select Add/Edit Listing.

  5. Confirm “Ok” to publish.
  6. You should receive publishing success messages and should be live on Walmart shortly.

For other products, you will need to add their appropriate mapped subcategory in the same manner above.

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