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Other Product Types: Non-Inventory and Dependent Items

Jazva Support Team -

Jazva also uses additional product types to help you better manage your products and inventory. From a product’s admin page, you will be able to convert the item to a kit, non-inventory item or dependent item.


Basic definitions:

  • Non-inventory Item - Jazva will not keep track of inventory for these items. Examples include service charges, dropship charges and physical items that you do not want to track inventory for, such as rubber bands, gift wrap paper, screws and nails. Jazva will consider these items as always available for sale.
  • Dependent Item - an item that cannot be purchased by itself. For example, this can be paint or an engrave service item that needs to be referred to another item in the order or cart, before the order can be placed on Jazva’s shopping cart or backend.

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