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Mapping Your Overstock Warehouses with Your Facility

Jazva Support Team -

In order to link inventory counts between Jazva and Overstock, the Warehouse in Overstock must be mapped to a corresponding facility in Jazva through the channel’s Facilities settings.

  1. From the Overstock channel, navigate to the Facilities section.
  2. Select a Facility that you will be syncing to a Warehouse in Overstock.
  3. In External ID, enter the Warehouse Name of the warehouse in Overstock. It must be typed exactly as it is entered in Overstock.

    Warehouse Name in Overstock

  4. Click Add Facility and it will be added to the channel’s list of specific facilities.

The facility will now be mapped to the Overstock warehouse. Enabling this setting activates the usage of Channel-Specific Facilities. To learn more about this feature, please visit, Using-Channel-Specific-Facilities

To set a listing template as the channel’s default, go back to the Listing Profiles tab and click Set under the Default column.

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