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Setting Up a Overstock Channel

Jazva Support Team -

Learn how to create a channel for (Supplier Oasis).

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Setup and select Channels.
  2. From the Marketplace section, click the + icon and select Overstock from the list of channels.
  3. Complete the required fields and options for Channel Config:
    • Channel Name – the channel name
    • Channel Code – a unique code you can use to identify the channel.
    • Parent Web Channel – the channel that will be the basis of default settings of the Overstock channel.
  4. Complete the Return Address section.
  5. Enter your Overstock Username and Password.
  6. Review your information and click Create Channel.
  7. From the Setup tab, Complete or update the following settings as needed:
    • Import Orders - this setting activates the importing of orders and sets which types of orders will be included.
    • Maximum Inventory – sets a maximum monetary amount of inventory to be published to the channel per SKU. For example, the limit is set at $3,000 and a SKU that is sold for $40 has an inventory on hand of 220 pcs. Jazva will only publish 75 pieces to the channel (75 x $40 = $3,000).
    • Maximum Inventory Count – sets a maximum unit amount of inventory to be published to the channel.
    • Import Customers with Orders - New CRM contacts will be created along with your orders
    • Channel Merging Priority - this setting applies only when merging products from two or more channels. Enter a number to define the priority of this channel when merging products. The higher the number, the higher the chance that products from this channel will be selected as the main product when merging.
    • Import Listings -  imports all products from the channel and sets its frequency.
    • Publish Listings - automatically set to Do Not Publish Listings because publishing products is not yet supported by the integration.
    • Image Option - sets a default size to the images published on the channel.
    • Enable Email Communications for this Channel - this setting permits order confirmations to be sent to users.
    • Base Category – sets the root category for importing products and mapping other categories.
    • Username - the account’s consumer ID.
    • Password - the account’s secret key* . Overstock makes the users update their password every 90 days, so when you update your password you'll need to update this section again.
    • Sandbox – sets the channel on sandbox mode. You need to uncheck this box to set the channel live.
    • Channel Owner – sets a designated owner of the channel.
  8. Click Update to save.
  9. Toggle to the Profile tab and complete or update the channel’s contact and shipping information.
  10. Select eligible Shipping Carriers for the channel. It is recommended to check All Carriers, so that Jazva can recommend the least expensive shipping method and carrier from all the options you have set.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Toggle back to the channel’s Setup tab.
  13. Click Activate from the top right corner to finish setup.

Syncing inventory counts with Overstock requires Channel-Specific Facilities to be set, with each facility mapped to a corresponding Warehouse in Overstock. To learn more, visit, Mapping Your Overstock Warehouses with Your Facility.

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