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How to Import Orders from the Channels

Jazva Support Team -

When you’re ready to begin processing orders, it’s time to start pulling them in. Importing can be configured differently on each channel, letting you restrict or open the flow of orders individually.

To start importing orders from a channel:

  1. Open an existing marketplace or web store channel.
  2. Toggle to the Setup tab.
  3. From the Import Orders section, make sure that Import all orders is selected.
  4. Enter a date and time in the Process Orders From option. The system will use this date and time as a reference as to how far back to import orders from.
  5. To further control which orders are retrieved and processed, you can also specify a Last Order Sync Date, a filter that tells Jazva to only sync orders that are created or updated after this date. If for any reason you need to go back and re-sync old orders, you can do so by setting an older order sync date.
  6. Click Update to save your changes and Jazva will import the orders on the next periodic update.

If you need the order data right away, you can run the periodic update immediately by clicking Channel Actions and selecting Run Periodic.

To disable order importing, you can select “Do not import orders” from the Import Orders dropdown. Make sure to click Update to save your changes.

Note: Marketplaces and platforms may restrict an individual account's’ storage limits based on their own policies or offerings, therefore the amount of order data that Jazva can import (and how far back) may vary. In general, the past 30 days of orders is easily available.


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