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Sales Channels and Marketplaces

Jazva Support Team -

Now that you have set up your basic Jazva account, you can continue on to set up and connect your sales channels and marketplaces.


Jazva is fully integrated with the leading marketplaces, shopping carts and point-of-sales solutions, giving you complete visibility and control of your ecommerce business.

Jazva eliminates the need to manually update your channels. Whenever you make a change to a product description or update the price, Jazva automatically updates all of your listings. If you add a new product directly into a channel, Jazva will recognize that product and automatically set it up for you.

Start manage all your channels form a single platform!

Document and Email Templates

Document templates are customizable documents that you can tailor to fit your specific needs. The most common type of document template is an invoice template.

Connecting Your Channels

Please click the links below to select which you would like sync Jazva to.

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