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How to Set Up a Salsify Channel

Jazva Support Team -

Learn how to set up your Salsify account in Jazva.


Salsify is a product content management solution that helps retailers develop, manage and exchange product information, such as descriptions, features, images, specs, datasheets and more.

Jazva’s integration with Salsify will benefit retailers that require listing out detailed product information. For example, if you sell health foods, Jazva will now be able to pull nutrition facts from your Salsify database, then publish them on your webstore, eBay and listings, all within a single platform. The process of managing your product content and publishing them on websites and marketplaces will be seamless.

Creating a Salsify Channel in Jazva

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Channels.
  2. From the Marketplace section, click the + icon and select Salsify.
  3. Complete the required fields and options for the Channel Config wizard:
    • Channel Name – the channel name
    • Channel Code – the channel code and color
    • Parent Web Channel – sets a channel to be the basis of default settings of the channel.
  4. Enter your Return Address information.
  5. Enter the API key.
  6. Click Create Channel.
  7. Complete and configure the required settings, options and information.
    • Channel Name – the channel name
    • Channel Code – the channel code and color
    • Parent Web Channel – sets a channel to be the basis of default settings of the Salsify channel.
    • Channel Merging Priority - The higher this number, the products sold at this channel will have more priority to be selected as the main product when merging.
    • Import Listings - Imports all products from the channel and select its frequency.
    • Email Order Confirmations to Users – this setting permits order confirmations to be sent.
    • Base Category – sets the root category for importing products and mapping other categories.
    • Jazva Billing Code – billing code for internal use.
    • API Key – the API key of your Salsify account.
    • Mapping – maps Salsify attribute fields to Jazva attribute fields (Salsify Value;Jazva Value)
    • Only import products
    • over write all properties
    • Sandbox – sets the channel on sandbox mode. This must be unchecked to set your channel active.
    • Channel Owner – sets a designated owner of the channel.
  8. Click Update to save.
  9. Switch to the Profile tab and complete or update the pertinent contact and shipping information.
  10. Select eligible Shipping Carriers for the channel. It is recommended to check All Carriers, so that Jazva can recommend the least expensive shipping method and carrier from all your set options.
  11. Click Save and return to the channel’s Setup tab.
  12. Click Activate and the channel will be live.

Jazva only imports products from Salsify. When a listing is imported from Salsify, all properties on the listing in Jazva will be overwritten with the values from the imported Salsify listing.

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