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Syncing Your Jet Fulfillment Nodes with Your Facility

Jazva Support Team -

Learn how to sync your inventory counts with Jazva.

In order to link inventory counts between Jazva and Jet, the Jet Fulfillment Node must sync with its corresponding facility in Jazva. For the auto-sync to be successful, the Fulfillment Node information in Jet must match the information entered into your Jazva facility.

  1. Log into Jazva. Navigate to Setup  > Facilities and select the facility you’ll be fulfilling from for your Jet orders.
  2. Log into your Jet Retail Partner portal. Go to Fulfillment to access the Fulfillment Node you are syncing to a facility in Jazva.
  3. Update the address information in Jazva and Jet as needed so that they match exactly.
  4. Save your changes.

The facility and fulfillment node will sync on the next periodic update (provided that the Jet channel is activated). If addresses match, the facility in Jazva will now have an external ID assigned, which is the Fulfillment Node ID in Jet.

Note that only facilities with an external ID will have their inventory counts pushed to Jet. If they do not match, the sync will create a duplicate facility in Jazva with the external ID assigned. You will have to delete this facility, make the necessary revisions to the addresses and verify on the next periodic update if the sync went through successfully.


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