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WooCommerce Categories

Jazva Support Team -

Learn how to create, import, and maintain WooCommerce categories directly from Jazva.


A product category allows you to group and classify your items based on shared characteristics. Managing categories in Jazva enables you to perform bulk actions and organize products more efficiently without switching between systems.

Creating WooCommerce Categories

To push a new category to WooCommerce, simply create a new category or open an existing category in Jazva.

  1. From the category setup page, scroll down to Channel-Specific Setup.
  2. Click the +Add dropdown and select [] WooCommerce.
  3. Click Add to complete.

This will tell Jazva to push the category (and its parent categories, if applicable) to your WooCommerce channel.

Importing WooCommerce Categories

If there is a category in WooCommerce that doesn’t exist in Jazva, the category will be brought in during the periodic update. When the category is imported, it will not be assigned to other existing  products automatically. You will need to map the appropriate products to it.

When a new product is brought in with a new category however, it will be mapped to that category.

Maintaining WooCommerce Categories

As long as the category titles in Jazva match the ones in WooCommerce, your items will be mapped to the correct categories in Woo. If you delete a category in Jazva but it still exists in WooCommerce, it may be imported back in. We advise deleting both categories in this case.

Please keep in mind that WooCommerce does not accept duplicate categories. If an existing category is pushed under a different parent category than what is configured in WooCommerce, the category will not be created.

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