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How to Create and Assign To-do Tasks

Jazva Support Team -

You can create and assign tasks to your users in Jazva, a great way to collaborate and also keep track of tasks that need to be taken care of.

Creating To-do Tasks

  1. From your dashboard, click View All from the Tasks section.
  2. Enter the task’s description into the New Task field.
  3. Select an Assigned To user or assign to All.
  4. Enter a Due Date and Priority if needed.
  5. Click Add to save the task.

The task will now appear on the To-do list as well as the dashboard. Users will also receive email notifications for the tasks once they are created with follow-up reminders until they are completed.

Finding To-do Tasks

  1. From the dashboard, click View All from the Tasks section.
  2. Navigate to the Find to-do Items section.
  3. Set your Assigned To and Status search parameters.
  4. Click Find to execute the search.

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