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How to Search Products in Jazva

Jazva Support Team -

As your product database grows, you’ll need robust search capabilities to stay on top of your products. Jazva gives you powerful filters to manage your products.



Searching for Products

Searching for products is possible across different categories and descriptions. You can filter results by name, vendor, price, stock date, and even discounts.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Products and select Product Search.
  2. To display all available search filters, click +Advanced Search.
  3. Refine your search criteria as needed.
  4. Click Search Products.

Saving Your Search Profiles

In Jazva, you can create search profiles to avoid performing the same manual process when searching for products with similar criteria.

    1. From the main menu, navigate to Products and select Product Search.
    2. Click +Advanced Search. 
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a name in Save As field.
    4. Refine your search criteria as needed.
    5. Click Search Products. You can repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as you need. Your last search profile will be saved under Saved Searches.

To access your saved products searches:

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Products and select Saved Searches.
  2. You will find a list of all your saved search profiles
    • Click the green Play icon to perform the search
    • Click the download icon to export the search results as a spreadsheet
    • Click the profile name to rename the search profile
    • Click the red X icon to delete the search profile

Exporting Product Data

You can export your product search results in two formats:

The first option exports data that contains only the columns visible on your results screen. The default columns include PID, ID, Vendor, VID, Title, STK, and Price. If desired, you can add additional columns by following these steps.

The second option performs a Full Product Data export, which includes all data columns from each product found in the results.

  1. Perform a refined product search.
  2. Scroll down to the results section.
    • To export data with limited columns (first option), click the Download icon.
    • To export the full product data, click the dropdown next to the Download icon and select Full Product Data.
  3. You should receive a spreadsheet once the download is complete.

Advanced Search Filters 

Jazva offers a wide range of search filters to help you find specific products in your database.

How to Use the Search By Date Filters

When performing an advanced product search, you can further narrow your results by specific From/To dates. These filters include:

  • Last Price Update - the date when the product’s price was last updated.
  • Last Update - the date when the product was last updated.
  • Shelf Start - the date when the product was activated.
  • Created - the date when the product was created.

Dates can be entered in the formats MM/dd/yy or MM/dd/yyyy.

In addition, a special variable spelled “today” can be used in any of the date fields. The today variable indicates the current day when you perform the search (useful when saving searches because this data becomes interactive depending on when the search was ran). The today variable can also be appended by a plus (+) or minus (-) and then a number. This will indicate the number of days before or after TODAY.

For example, entering “today-7” in the field will filter your results with a date from 7 days ago. In other words, if you run a search using the “Last Price Update” filter where you populate the first field (From) with today-7, and leave the second field (To) blank, clicking search will return all products that have prices modified within one week of when you ran the search.

How to Use the Price % Ratio Filters

When performing an advanced search, you can also further narrow down your results based on the ratio between some of their price fields, including price, cost, MSRP, etc - fields that are available from the product page, pricing section.

The pricing ratio filters on the advanced search screen can be found from the righthand side. These include:

  • Price / Cost (%)
  • Price / Cost+Ship (%)
  • Price / Regular (%)
  • Price / MSRP (%)
  • Price / MAP (%)
  • Price / Normal (%)
  • MSRP / Normal (%)
  • Regular / Normal (%)
  • Regular / Cost (%)

Each field has 2 text fields associated with it, which indicates FROM/TO values for the respective field.

To illustrate, let’s say you have an item which has a price of $18, an MSRP of $36, and a cost of $10. The PRICE / COST ratio is 80% (mark-up of the cost to the price). The PRICE / MSRP % ratio is -50% of MSRP. The second field is used as the base of the percentage calculation, therefore in this case the ratio is negative. 

This item will be found if the search filter for PRICE / COST % were:

  • From 60 to (empty)
  • From (empty) to 90
  • From 70 to 100

This item will NOT be found (it would have been filtered out from the search results) if the search filter for PRICE / COST % were:

  • From 0 to 50
  • From 100 to (empty)

The same field could be used to find products priced at cost or below. Just use the filter: from (empty) to 0. This will return all negative ratio products.

Similarly, the Price / MSRP (%) filter can be used to find this product by using “from -40 to -100” because the the ratio of this product is -50% (price is half of the MSRP). Using the filter “from 0 to (empty)” will expose all items that have the price equal or greater than the MSRP.

Modifying the Number of Results Per Page

You can limit the number of products shown on the results page from your system’s global settings.

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Global Settings.
  2. Switch to the Products tab and modify the value in the Search Results Per Regular Page (search_results_per_page1).
  3. Click Update All to save your default settings.
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