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Creating an eBay Listing Profile

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After creating an eBay channel, you may want to create eBay listing profiles. A listing profile enables you to define the appearance of product descriptions on eBay. It can include images, graphic styles and your selling terms and conditions.

1. From the main menu, navigate to Setup and select Channels.
2. Select an existing eBay channel.
3. Toggle to the Listing Profiles tab.


4. Click +Add Listing Profile.
5. Enter a Name and click Create.
6. Configure the following settings:

  • Multiple Item Mapping sets products to appear individually in Multiple Listings or to be grouped and displayed as Variations.
  • Item Condition – sets the item condition.
  • Base Price Tier – assigns a pricing tier to the products.
  • Title Template – sets a uniform title that will apply to the products. This is effective when used by combining shortcodes and general words (e.g. entering the following: ${product.title} Brand New! will publish the product’s title followed by the words "Brand New!").
  • Subtitle Template - sets a uniform subtitle.
  • Per-Specific Image Attribute – Ebay allows you to specify a set of images for a particular variation attribute (e.g. different images for color variations). This sets the attribute as the basis of that option.
  • MSRP Strikethrough – displays the product’s regular price with a strikethrough, if its selling price is lower than the regular price.
  • Restocking Fee – sets a percentage based restocking fee for your listings.
  • Description Template - enter your description content and HTML code in this section.

To preview a listing, search for an item in the Preview Listing field and click the magnifying glass icon.


7. Click Save to complete your changes.

To set a listing template as the channel’s default, go to the Listing Profiles tab and click Set under the Default column.


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