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Creating Mail Classes

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Learn how to select mail classes you want to use for both shipping and return labels. 




We offer a wide range of mail classes out of the box, including basic UPS and USPS mail classes, as well as Mail Innovations, SmartPost.

Once you define mail classes for each carrier, Jazva will automatically select the best mail class for each order.

If a live-rate is unavailable for a particular mail class (such as Mail Innovations low cost shipping, or if a carrier’s system is unresponsive at the time) then you can also set default fail safe rates based on the shipping zones (distance from you to your customer).

This ensures that your shipments can still be processed and shipped on time without costing you additional shipping fees.


Setting up Mail Classes

You must first set up a carrier before you can configure its mail classes.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Setup > Shipping and select Carriers.
  2. Click on the name of the carrier that you’d like to edit or setup mail classes for. If you need to set up a new carrier first, please review our Setting Up Carriers article.
  3. Scroll down the page to view the Mail classes section. Here you will see a list of existing mail classes for this carrier.
  4. On the right hand side of the page, enter a Mailclass name in the text box and then click +Add New Mailclass.
  5. Select the new mail class you added from the list to edit its settings.
  6. Fill out all the necessary information for the chosen mail class.




    Create a name for this mail class


    Select the type of mail class

    API Name

    This is the mail class that you are adding

    Export Name

    (Optional) Create an export name for the mail class


    (Optional) Input a surcharge for this mail class


    (Optional) Input a discount amount

    Volume Weight Factor

    Defaulted to 192.00

    Jazva Billing Code

    **Jazva Internal Use**

    Volume Weight Minimum Vol



    Is this mail class being used?

    Return Service

    Will this mail class be considered for return labels?


  7. Click Update to save this mail class.


Fail Safe Rates

Fail Safe Rates are used if online rates cannot be obtained at the moment, or invalid request data (such as address or weight) is being supplied.

You can add fail safe rates under the specific mail class settings you are editing.

  1. To create new fail safe rates, fill out the fields below.

    • (Optional) Enter Zone From and Zone To
    • (Optional) Weight From and Weight To
    • (Optional) Select Residential, Commercial and Any
    • (Optional) Enter Discount amount
    • (Required) Enter Rate Cost
    • (Optional) Enter additional cost per pound

  2. Click Submit to save the Fail Safe Rates.
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