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Drop Shipping in Jazva

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Learn how drop shipping works in Jazva.


Dropshipping is a way to get into retailing without inventory risk. Instead of keeping your own warehouse of inventory, you partner with a supplier, also known as a dropship vendor. The dropship vendor stocks its own inventory, you transfer customer orders and shipment details to them, and they ship the goods directly to the customer.

Before you use a dropshipper for customer orders, do a few test orders to make sure the supplier ships its packages on time, sends the right products, and so on. Evaluate their technology, location, staff, and efficiency to make sure it up to your standards.

Setting up a dropshipper in Jazva involves a few steps: setting up proper emails, assigning a dropship vendor, and editing your item’s settings.

How to Enable Drop Shipping

1. Add an Email Where Drop Ship Orders Will Come From

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Global Settings.
  2. Toggle to the Email tab.
  3. From the email_dropship_from, enter the email address where your drop ship orders will be sent from.

** TIP: You can also include your email address in the email_dropship_bcc field to get a copy of all dropship orders being sent out from the system. This will help you to see how dropship order emails appear or to know when emails are being sent out. You can include multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma.

2. Add the Drop Shipper If the Vendor Is Not Yet Entered in Jazva

  1. From the main menu, go to Inventory and select Vendors.
  2. Click Add Vendor from the top right corner.
  3. Complete the form in the dialog box:
    • Title - the Drop Shipper's company name.
    • Set the company to Active.
    • Leave type as Inventory
    • Enter any notes or comments about the vendor, such as “Drop Shipper”
  4. Click Submit.

3. Setting Up a Vendor for Drop Shipping

    1. From the vendors page, scroll down to the section titled "DROP SHIPPING"
    2. Set your settings as desired:
      • Auto drop ship:
        • If this is not selected, any orders that come in that are to be dropshipped by the vendor will need to be manually sent from the Order Summary Page (See: Manually Send Drop Ship Orders).
        • If selected, you can have orders automatically sent to the vendor. You will need to specify the following options:
          1. Unless order total is over - Leave blank to send all dropship orders for this vendor. Otherwise, enter an order amount to prevent orders of high value to be sent automatically.
          2. Including intl. orders - Set if drop shipper will handle International Orders automatically
          3. Frequency - Set how frequently you wish to have orders sent to drop shipper.
      • API Type - Set how drop ship orders are sent to drop shipper. Default (Email) is most commonly used.
      • Attach prepaid labels - Specify if labels will be generated from Jazva and attached in the email order being sent to drop shipper
      • Attach packing slips - includes the orders’ packing slips into the drop-ship order.
      • E-mail drop ship orders - Specify the email address where drop ship orders will be sent too.

** TIPS: You can include your own email address here as well to see how dropship order emails appear or to know when emails are being sent out. Just be sure to separate between email addresses with a comma.

You can choose from multiple email templates and select which documents to attach for your drop ship vendors. In addition to having the option to send a separate letter size or 4x6 prepaid shipping label to your vendor, you can also choose to embed the label into the invoice or packing slip.

Setting Items for Drop Shipping

  1. Open an existing item that you wish to drop ship.
  2. From the item details page, mark the Drop Ship checkbox.
  3. Under the Vendor section, make sure that the dropship Vendor is configured as the primary vendor or set as an additional vendor.
    • If the dropship vendor is not set, you may click the gear icon to add them as an additional vendor on the Multiple Vendors dialog box.
  4. Click Save.

*PLEASE NOTE: If the item still has inventory, Jazva will continue to sell the item through the system, before sending any orders to the drop ship company. Only once the item no longer has inventory will new orders be sent to the drop shipper. This is done to help clear your own stock and maximize profits.

Manually Sending Drop Ship Orders

If an order is not automatically sent to a drop shipper (due to the Auto drop ship option not being selected for the vendor or if the order total for the vendor was not yet met) the orders will remain in Pending status, regardless if a new batch is created.

Additionally the order will have a red "D" tag on the orders list, indicating it is a drop ship order.

To manually send the order to the drop shipper:

  1. Open the order to be sent.
    • There will be an indicator below each Line Item stating the Drop Ship Status.
  2. Switch to the Invoices tab on the Order Summary Page.
  3. Click the Drop Ship E-Mail Icon.
  4. The Drop Ship window will open. Review the information and make any modifications to the email list, subject, additional notes.
  5. Once complete, click Send Email.
    • The order will now be sent to processing and the Drop Ship Status indicator on the Line Items will be updated to reflect the sent date.

How Drop Ship Orders Are Updated

When a drop ship order is sent to a vendor to be fulfilled, it is marked as “Processing” in Jazva. This order status means that the vendor should already be processing the order.

Depending on how the shipping label is acquired, the process of marking the order as “Shipped” will be different.

For Shipping Labels Acquired from Jazva

If the shipping label was generated from Jazva, the system will periodically check on the order’s tracking number status. Once the tracking number has a shipped status, the order will automatically be marked as “Shipped” in Jazva.

For Shipping Labels Acquired Outside of Jazva

If you acquired the shipping label outside the system, you will need to manually mark the order as Shipped in Jazva.

  1. Acquire the tracking number from your vendor or external source.
  2. Open the related parcel in Jazva.
  3. Enter the tracking number in the  Tracking # / Name field.
  4. Click Update.
  5. Click Done, and the order will be marked as “Shipped”. 
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