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Uploading Account Transactions

Jazva Support Team -

Learn how to upload transactions to your accounts.

  1. From the main menu, go to Financials and select Upload Transactions.
  2. Choose the account to which you are uploading the transactions for.
    1. Note: Only accounts marked as online accounts are available to upload transactions to.
    2. If the amounts are inverted, mark the Inverse <-> Debit checkbox.
  3. You will need to download a .qfx file from your financial institution and upload the file by clicking Choose File.
  4. Optionally you can copy/paste transactions from Excel (DATE/AMOUNT/MEMO) into the Transactions textbox.
  5. Click Submit.

All transactions are now loaded in the system. Transactions that were NOT matched to any account will be listed in the Financials > Unmatched Bank Transactions screen.

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