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Modifying a Customer Order Invoice

Jazva Support Team -

Customer invoices can be modified at any stage.

  1. Open an existing order.
  2. From the Invoices section, you can click on the document button to download the invoice as a PDF, or you can click Ship to ship the order.

  3. To modify the invoice, click on the Invoice number.
  4. The Invoice page identifies the items ordered as well as a list of allocated payments if any. You have a range of options you can select from this page.

    • Mail button - allows you email an invoice to the customer. Edit the the email or use existing templates as needed.
    • Document button - download the invoice as PDF.
    • Hold - this button will put the order into backorder regardless of inventory. You may use this option if for some reason you need to block the shipping of the order.
    • Shipping Type - change the shipping type as needed.
    • Invoice Number - change the auto-generated number if needed.
    • Invoice Date - optional date.
    • Subtotal - subtotal information.
    • Discount - discounts applied.
    • Coupons - coupons applied.
    • Freight - Enter a different freight charge if needed.
    • Other Fees - update additional charges if needed.
    • Tax* - enter any tax fees.
    • Total, Paid & Due: recorded financial information

*A Note on Taxes:

Tax can be adjusted on shipped and unshipped invoices. For shipped invoices, the amounts will be reflected as adjustments in the general ledger.

For shipped invoices, you will need to click on the Revise button before you can edit any amounts.

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