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How to Create a Listing on

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Learn how to create a listing on by using Jazva.



Before you can list on Jet, you need to properly set up a Jet channel with a live account. To learn how to switch from a test account to a live account, or to review the basics of publishing products, importing orders and handling a return, please visit Setting Up a Jet Channel.

Here are the general steps when listing a product to a marketplace:

  1. Set up the channel.
  2. Create a publishing and mapping category.
  3. Add the category to your products.
  4. Push those products to the channel via basket actions.

Creating a Jet Category

Just like other channels, it is best to create a mapping and publishing category for specific marketplaces. If you’ve really created a Jet category when creating a test product, you may reuse that category; otherwise, you can create a new one by following the steps below:

  1. First, you’ll need to create a category specific to From the main menu, go to Products and select Categories. Add a new category and add a title and a code.
  2. Scroll down to Published to Channels, click +Add, and select the Jet channel you created.
  3. Now, it’s time to add this category to the products you’d like to list. From the main menu, go to Products and select Product Search. Create a search criteria and add the products via the basket.
  4. Modify your basket and add your products to the Jet category you’ve created.
  5. Submit to Save.

Listing Your Products

Using the same basket, or adding new products to your basket, you can easily push your products onto Jet.

When modifying your basket, select Channel Action > Add Listing then select your Jet channel.


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