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eBay Repricer

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Learn how to set up the eBay repricer tool.


Setting Up Your Repricing Strategy

By having an eBay repricing strategy, you can automatically adjust the price of your products on eBay, based on a competitor’s pricing for the same product.

The eBay repricer uses your cost for a particular product, so you must have your costs set up for each product before you can use the eBay repricer.

  1. From the main menu, go to Setup and select Repricing Strategies.
  2. Click Add and give your repricer a name, such as "eBay Repricer"
  3. Select the repricer you just created and complete the following settings:
    • Name - The name of this repricer. You can have multiple repricers as needed, and you can choose to designate a more specific name.
    • Minimum Markup - This is the lowest price that the repricer will go to based on product cost. You can enter a positive or negative percentage here. For instance, if you don't want the product cost to go below 5% markup, then enter 5.0. If you don't want the product to go below 15% of your cost, then enter -15.0.
    • Days of Safety Stock - The repricer tool takes into account your sales projections for this product in the repricing strategies. For instance, you might not want to reprice your products if you have less than 15 days of stock left based on projections.
    • Honor MAP Policy - You can select whether you want the MAP policy (defined in the vendor section) to be enforced by the repricer. If you select "Ignore" then the repricer will ignore the MAP policies completely. If you select Honor Enforced Only then the repricer will enforce MAP policies for those vendors that you selected as enforcing their MAP policies. If you select Honor Any MAP Policy then the repricer will enforce all MAP policies.
  4. Click Submit to save your repricer.


Assigning the Repricer to a Category and Channel

Now that the repricer has been set up, you must define which categories or subcategories this repricer will pertain to.

  1. From the main menu, navigate to Products and select Categories.
  2. You can apply a repricer strategy on a main category or a subcategory.
    • To select a main category, click on a category from the categories page.
    • To select a subcategory, click on the specific sub-category within a category page.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for Channel-Specific Setup.
  4. Click +Add under the section and select the eBay channel you would like to add the repricer to. You will need to setup the repricer for each eBay channel.
  5. On the eBay dialog box, select the repricing strategy you created and then click the Add.
  6. Use the steps above to continue adding repricers to categories and channels as needed.

Applying the Repricer to a Product

  1. Go to the product you want to apply the repricer to.
  2. Navigate to the CATEGORIES section.
  3. Add the category assigned with an eBay repricing strategy.

If the product is already being sold at eBay, you can set the repricer from the sales channels section.

  1. Open a product sold on eBay.
  2. Scroll down to the SALES CHANNELS section and click the eBay listing you’d like to reprice.
  3. Toggle to the Repricer tab.
  4. From the Repricing Strategy dropdown, select your eBay repricing strategy.

Setting Listings That The Product Will Reprice Against

Once you have set which repricing strategy the product will use, you must select which listings the product’s current price will be compared against. Jazva’s smart and dynamic eBay repricer allows you to search for potential listings and select which ones specifically you’d like to compete against.

  1. From any product being sold at eBay, scroll down to the SALES CHANNEL section and select the eBay listing you’d like to reprice.
  2. Toggle to the Repricer tab.
  3. From the REPRICER SETUP section, click Add New Search.
  4. Enter Keywords for listings you’d like to compare the product with and click Run Search.
  5. By default, the repricer will use the search query to compete against the best 100 listings (based on price and shipping charges). If you are happy with this Keyword-Based repricer, click Save.
  6. On the other hand, if you want to reprice only against specific listings, you can do so by marking the Listing Based Repricer checkbox.
  7. From the search results, select the listings you’d like to reprice against by marking their corresponding checkboxes. Their titles and prices will be displayed and you can also see the actual listing by clicking View on eBay.
  8. Click Add Selected and the listings will appear in the SELECTED LISTINGS section below the page. Click Save to confirm.
  9. Once you are happy with your repricer, click Close to finish.

The system will now review the prices of the selected listings during the nightly update and reprice the products accordingly. Jazva’s dynamic repricer will comb through the selected listings, checking their latest prices, availability and shipping charges.

To reprice immediately, simply click the REFRESH icon and the system will go review the listings right away, populating the Marketplace Analysis, Repricing History and Sales History reports if data is readily available.

Please note that repricing does not update the price on the listing immediately. Updating the prices will still occur on the next periodic update or can be pushed manually via the basket or the listing itself.

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